Do you really need a water damage restoration contractor?

If your home has suffered water damage due to flood, fire, sewage back up or busted water pipes, you may think that once everything has dried out you won’t have any future problems. If you think like this, then you are wrong; especially if you try to repair the damage yourself. There can be many hidden problems that, unless you are a professional with the right equipment, you won’t know how to correct.

So exactly what does a professional water restoration company from Saratoga do in your home? The first thing they will do is to come out and inspect your home to see what type of damage has been done, what caused the damage and the steps necessary to correct the damage. They bring special equipment such as moisture sensors that can detect where the water seepage has occurred. Once the water restoration experts have determined what it will take to remove excess moisture, they can then tell you what type of repairs and replacements will be needed to get your home back to a healthy livable condition.

It is very important that you let professionals handle this type of work. One reason is that when your home gets flooded, there is always the potential for wires to be submerged under water and the possibility of electrocution occurring or causing a fire. There is also the possibility of contamination from chemicals or sewage back up. Water damage restoration crews have large fans and dehumidifiers that can remove excessive moisture as well as circulate the air inside your home so that mold and mildew do not have a chance to form. They also have industrial vacuums that can completely remove water and debris from your carpets, rugs and off the floors and inside walls and then use the proper chemicals to clean and remove contaminants and other hazards.

What many people don’t realize is that part of what a professional Saratoga water restoration company does when they repair your home after damage from flood, fire, hurricanes or busted water pipes is inspect the structural components of your home such as your walls, roof and support beams. If damage has occurred in any of these areas, they can either make the repairs themselves or suggest other professionals who can. They can also inspect your heating and central air systems, air ducts and other ways that water can enter your home or where water damage can occur. It is greatly important to spend the money, if your homeowner’s insurance does not cover such expenses, although most do, to have a professional water restoration company inspect your home and get it properly dried out and repaired. By having the restoration done correctly the first time, you prevent future problems for your home and possible health hazards for your family.

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