Dominate the Scene with Reliable Commercial Trucks That Are Fit for a Team

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al trucks are not created equal. Some models are built for short hauls, and others are specifically engineered for industrial jobs. It’s a vast playing field, so buckle up because it’s time to learn the ropes.

The Day Cab

This truck is a staple in the world of fleet trucks. It’s designed for hauling jobs, and it can accommodate the most common trailers on the market.

The Sleeper Truck

A sleeper truck can pull a trailer like a day cab, but it has one defining factor. It can serve as a home away from home. A typical model will come equipped with:

  • A small bedroom
  • A dining area
  • An overhead compartment for cargo
  • Cabinets for essential items


Hydrovacs are special trucks for construction businesses and oil and gas businesses. They can remove gravel, ice, soil, and clay with hot water and a vac.

Delivery Trucks

A package delivery truck is built for quick deliveries. Most trucks in this category will have a separate cab or a dynamic cargo space with a large section. Some models will even have a walkway that you can walk through with ease.

Car Haulers

A car hauler can transport multiple automobiles to different destinations. You can acquire a hauler with a stringer configuration or a high-mount configuration.

Commerical Used Trucks for Sale

If you need vehicles for a fleet, there is a great place where you’ll find used trucks for sale.

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