Don’t Lose Your Mind, Money, And Pool Over A Lousy Little Leak

There are several reasons why your pool could be losing water, like natural splash out and evaporation. Variables like rainfall in the area, average temperatures, and intensity of pool use can make it difficult to know when your pool is leaking. When you find yourself regularly replenishing pool water over three inches a week, it could indicate that your pool is leaking.

Causes Of Pool Leaks

Swimming pools are meant to be tough and hold up to wear and tear, but they are not indestructible, and they do not last forever. Your swimming pool will naturally shift with the movement of the earth over time, and sealant measures in your pool will progressively deteriorate. Concrete in the ground can crack for several reasons, and pipes that make up the filtration system can break. Pools that have a vinyl liner are prone to tearing from an impact on both the outside and inside. Vinyl liners are also more likely to stretch and become loose around fittings.

Common Locations Of Pool Leaks

Some locations in your pool are more likely to sprout a leak than others. Some of the most susceptible areas of your pool are those where there is a meeting of two different types of material. For example, areas around the returns, drains, pool lights, skimmer, and tile line are known for sprouting leaks. Underground piping that is part of your pool filtration system can also experience a leak. If your pool is lined with vinyl, leaks may be more likely to occur on the flooring of your pool due to the impact of friction.

Importance Of Pool Leak Detection

A pool leak can end up costing you a considerable amount of money if left unaddressed. Not only does a pool leak cause the loss of money through the loss of water, but also through the loss of the chemicals that you put in the water, the loss of heat, and loss of important fill dirt that is supporting your pool deck and or walls of your pool. Due to the natural mechanisms of physics, pool leaks will continue to worsen and enlarge as more water and chemicals circulate day after day throughout your pool.

Trying to locate a leak in your pool can be an extremely time-consuming and frustrating task to undertake alone. It is not unusual for someone to inflict damage to the pool in the process of locating a leak. At Atlantic Pool Leak Detection, our specialized equipment and experienced technicians can save you this time and frustration by quickly and efficiently locating the source and reason for your pool leak without the use of invasive methods that compromise the integrity of your pool.

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