Everything You Need to Know About GPR Concrete Scanning in Los Angeles

As a safe concrete evaluation technique that uses ground-penetrating radar, GPR concrete scanning in Los Angeles has become a very popular method for assessing the reliability of structures currently in use and locating implanted utilities before starting processes like concrete cutting, drilling, grinding, and corning. GPR utilizes radio waves, making it non-destructive, more efficient, and more useful than X-ray concrete scanning.

Importance of GPR Concrete Scanning

GPR is very important for the protection of workers. It is vital for the success of both existing and new construction of concrete, settlement of utilities, and underground utility maintenance. Fixed electrical channels, cables, rebar, and some other destructive things are efficiently detected by GPR. These problems can be dangerous if not detected on time, because cutting or damaging them can lessen the productivity of work and become hazardous.

Along with these benefits, GPR concrete scanning in Los Angeles can assist the engineering team by providing more information faster and more safely than X-ray analysis. This helps in the enhancement of CCTV pipe inspection, testing, remediation, and repairing. It also increases the efficiency of procedures such as slab cutting, pipe vacuum diggings, drilling, and coring.

When Do You Need GPR for Your Construction Plan?

It is very important to know whether your construction project needs GPR concrete scanning in Los Angeles. If your project includes existing concrete structures like floors, you will certainly need GPR on the project site. You will also need GPR if your construction project involves underground installations, vacuum pipe inspections, or repairs. This will help you avoid any unwanted mishaps such as unmarked utilities. Contact Spearhead Locating Services, Inc to know more.