Eyelid Surgery in Hutchinson KS for Patients With Drooping Upper Lids

Eyelid Surgery in Hutchinson KS is medically known as blepharoplasty. A frequent reason why people choose this operation is to resolve droopy or hooded upper eyelids, medically known as ptosis. The procedure can rejuvenate a person’s appearance. In some instances, the operation has a functional purpose. Some eyelids droop so much that the person has to make an effort to raise them enough to see properly, which is tiring. The problem may only affect one eye, giving the eyes an asymmetrical look.

Skin Around the Eyes

Eyelids and the area around the eyes often are places where the face shows signs of aging first. The skin there is thinner and sensitive. People often have the habit of squinting in the sunshine and when trying to see something more clearly. They also rub their eyes for various reasons. All of this causes some level of damage to the skin. In addition, there may be genetic factors worsening some of the problems.


During upper Eyelid Surgery in Hutchinson KS, the doctor removes excess, wrinkled skin and sometimes fat from the lids. Sometimes muscle is removed or tightened by pulling back and stitching. This type of operation is commonly called an eye lift because the effects make the eyes look bigger. The lids no longer sag and the entire face appears younger.

The surgeon also can remove these materials from the lower lids if the patient has permanent bags under the eyes. The contour of the eye area can be reshaped if the person is unhappy with the appearance.


The operation is not exceptionally long. It might last for one to three hours, depending on the extent of work that needs to be performed. The patient should expect some lingering swelling and puffiness for a week or two afterward.

Blepharoplasty by an Ophthalmologist

People might think about cosmetic surgeons when they consider this kind of operation, but ophthalmologists perform it as well. Many patients prefer having the surgery performed by an eye doctor with a practice such as Grene Vision Group since these physicians specialize in managing eye health, along with diagnosing and treating eye diseases.

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