Factors Considered in Your Social Security Disability Hampton Eligibility

If you have ever applied for Social Security Disability Hampton benefits, you’ve probably wondered how your eligibility is determined. There are several factors considered when determining if you should get benefits. Here are some of the most important factors that you should know about.


The first step used to determine if you are eligible is your job status. If you are currently working and you apply for benefits, you probably aren’t going to be granted benefits. However, if you are working but only make less than $1,010 per month, you might be deemed eligible. The Social Security Administration calls this Substantial Gainful Activity, or SGA. If you can perform SGA, you are not considered disable regardless of your condition or age.

Severity of Your Condition

In order to be considered for Social Security Disability Hampton benefits, your condition has to be rather severe. In fact, it must make it difficult for you to engage in and complete basic work activities. If you can do basic activities during the day, you are not going to be declared eligible to receive benefits because you are able to work in the eyes of the Social Security Administration.

Disability Listings

The Social Security Disability office maintains a list of medical conditions that make people eligible for benefits. These listings cover every part of the human body. The conditions on this list are so severe that you are automatically eligible to receive benefits if you have one of the conditions. If your condition isn’t listed, then there needs to be a determination to see if your condition is similar to the listed conditions. However, keep in mind that if your condition responds to treatment, you may be disqualified from receiving benefits even if your issue is listed.

Job Skills Evaluation

If your condition isn’t as severe as the ones listed in the official requirements, you will be evaluated to see if you can still do the work that you did at your most recent job. If your condition interferes with that, you may be considered eligible. However, if you can still do general job activities, you probably won’t receive any disability benefits.

Notification of Changes

Many people think that once they start receiving their Social Security checks, they are in the clear. But you are required to notify the Social Security Administration if there is any change in your abilities. If you can go back to work because of successful treatment or some other reason, it’s up to you to let them know. If you don’t, you could face some very serious fines and penalties as well as being forced to pay much of the money back.


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