Facts About Treatments for Chromosome Disorders & Testosterone Deficiency

If you or a family member find that you have certain types of disorders, you might be wondering exactly what the treatments will look like. Here are some fast facts about chromosome disorders treatment as well as for deficient testosterone.

Medication & Chemotherapy

When the cells are experiencing abnormal growth, there are two types of treatments that are generally started. One of these is using medication that helps to deal with the symptoms of the chromosomal disorder while chemotherapy is then administered which slows the aberrant cell growth. When used in conjunction with each other, they are quite effective.

Nutrition Counseling

When the body is undergoing a chromosome disorders treatment, it may find it difficult to absorb nutrients as easily as it used to. A doctor will put you on an individualized nutrition plan that will get you all of the nutrients that your body requires during this healing time.

Low T

When a person is suffering from a diagnosis of low testosterone, they may require certain substances that help to boost their natural testosterone. One of the most widely used methods of testosterone deficiency treatment is injections into the muscles. This is considered the fastest and highest bio-available way of doing so.

Pills & Creams

Of course, there are other delivery systems as well, such as pills, creams, and patches that can be taken or applied as a testosterone deficiency treatment. These work well for people who have a fear of needles.

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