Fitting Pet Training in Alexandria, VA Into Your Schedule

Owning a pet is a big responsibility. To ensure the pet seamlessly blends into the family unit, Pet Training in Alexandria VA is a necessity. With this training, the pet better understands what is expected of him or her and this makes for a happier companion. Furthermore, the training makes life easier for the pet owner as he or she is not fighting the dog regularly. However, finding the time for training can be difficult for many individuals. How can this task be simplified to ensure it is carried out?

Keep Sessions Short

While most pet training classes run approximately one hour, this does not mean sessions at home must be this long. In fact, animals seem to prefer shorter sessions more frequently. Try to fit multiple sessions into the day with each session lasting around five minutes. An easy way to do this is to make training part of the routine. For example, have the dog obey a command before feeding him or her. When the dog complies, give him or her a treat and pour their food.

Vary the Rewards

Don’t limit rewards to food either. Many owners do this and it makes training harder. Simply find ways to incorporate the training into other activities to see progress in a shorter period. A good way to do this is to have the dog obey a command and then pull out a favorite toy. The dog will associate the command with a preferred activity, and work to comply whenever asked. A walk is another way to reward the dog for his or her obedience and these are only two of the numerous ways to add training to the daily routine while providing the dog with the motivation to comply.

Browse our website to learn more about how to fit Pet Training in Alexandria VA into your everyday life. With this training, the dog will be happier and so will the owner. A well-trained dog is a joy to have. In contrast, a dog that has not been properly trained often becomes more of a disruption. Find the time to train the dog, and you’ll be glad you did when you see what a great companion he or she becomes.

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