Get Your Greens Ready for Spring

The calendar shows that spring weather should be here, which means that it is time to get the golf course greens ready for all of the golfers who will be walking or driving along the course. It is inevitable that some damage will happen to the grass on the course. Golfers walking, the tee placement, poor hits with the clubs, animals and winter weather can all wreak havoc on the greens. Our golf course seeding services get things looking great again.

We use quality grass seed that matches the type of turf that your course already has. The new grass will grow healthy and with vigor, easily blending in to the existing grass. Adding new grass seed is an excellent way to take care of spots that may have had some damage or thinning over the past few months. Seeding also corrects areas of the course that you may have changed or updated from one season of golf to the next.

Many golf courses have problems with uninvited guests such as Canada geese. The geese will eat the grass down tot he roots. Other bugs and animals may also nibble at the grass when there is not much else to eat. By putting new seed on your golf course, we improve the thickness of the coverage and the appearance of the greens. When the grass is thicker, it is healthier. Thick grass is less easy for a cart or ball to damage.

When you need to get your greens ready for spring, our golf course seeding services are the right choice. We offer convenient times in order to work around your business schedule. Give us at 1st Products a call today in order to set up an appointment or visit us online at for more information about our services.

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