GPS Fleet Tracking and Technology

For the last few years, one of the most important advances in motor vehicle tracking has been the improvements in the GPS devices that are fitted into new vehicles. As the technology has improved and advanced it has been easier to create systems that can more or less track any vehicle and store many different types of data.

The technology of GPS fleet tracking in New Jersey exists in more than one realm, two of which are classified as ‘active’ and ‘passive’. Active GPS devices collect the same data as passive devices, but the difference is the active units can also be used to transmit that data for a real-time readout of the information, via a computer network, flash drive, or cellular system.

The earliest types of GPS tracking systems consisted of a box that could be hardwired into the vehicle, or attached independently and run on its battery. If you ever watched a spy movie where they stick those little black radar boxes under the criminal’s car and then follow it, it shows close-ups of the little red dot flashing and then the screen showing where the vehicle is. That’s more or less how the idea was first conceived, in pretty much the same say as most ‘Star Trek’ technology. People have a notion, they put it into practice and they test it and it works. GPS is the same thing but has come on leaps and bounds as technology has progressed.

Common Usage and Applications

Many United States city corporations implement the use of tracking devices in their public vehicles, including public transit buses, school buses, and other city vehicles. Nowadays GPS tracking also allows a city’s public transport to keep track of where vehicles are so that they can keep their schedule accurate. Some modern bus stops have visual display boards giving information to passengers regarding the time of arrival of the next bus.

The GPS application is also highly useful in recovering and retrieving lost and stolen motor vehicles. Those who have an integrated GPS can generally find out where their stolen car or truck went and get it back and this applies to both commercial and consumer vehicles. It can also track assets such as valuable packages and perishables, keeping them safe until delivery.

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