Help Finding 2N2243 Transistors in Texas

Want to find the right transistor for a project? While some general use transistors may be compatible with multiple different types of projects, finding the perfect transistor can optimize an electronics project. That is why it is very important to understand the technical specifications of electrical components like 2N2243 transistors in Texas.

How Transistors Work

To understand why the choice of transistor can make a big impact on a project, it is important to understand how transistors work. They have multiple layers of semiconductor material. The differences in these layers can allow a transistor to switch off or amplify current flowing into it. Therefore, they can be used, alone or in combination with other transistors, to control power output. Read more to find out about the role of transistors.


The 2N2243 transistor is a silicon-based BJT transistor with NPN polarity. It is designed to work as a small signal bipolar transistor. BJT transistors have three terminals, and each terminal is connected to a layer of semiconductor. The semiconductor layers include an emitter, a base, and a collector. There are different specifications for each layer, and those specifications can help determine performance. For example, the emitter and collector currents can be controlled separately without significant input of base current, which allows for amplification.


The 2N2243 has a maximum power dissipation of 0.8 W, a maximum collector-base voltage of 120 V, a maximum emitter-base voltage of 7 V, a maximum collector-emitter voltage of 80 V, and a maximum collector current of 1 A. The 2N2243 is packaged in a TO5 package. It can handle a maximum operating junction temperature of 200 Celsius, has a transistor frequency of 50 MHz, and a collector capacitance of 20 pF.


The 2N2243 has several functional equivalents. These include the following transistors: PN2907, BC560B, PN5134, 2N5769, MPSA12, 2N5225, 2N3706, 2N6724, and 2N5227. However, while substitutes may perform the same essential functions as the 2N2243 Transistors in Texas, they may not be the optimum transistor for the project. Therefore, it is important to compare project specs against the part’s JDEC information and pick the best transistor for the project’s requirements.

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