Help for Your Teen

While most people think of adults when they think of a mental health or substance use disorder, many of these conditions begin during the teenage years. We are proud to offer adolescent day treatments in St Paul so that teens can be a part of family life at night and get the mental health and substance use disorder treatment that they need during the day. Our program includes individual and group counseling, diagnosis of dual disorders and strategies to help your teen cope with stress.

Each teen’s situation is different, which is why we customize the therapy for each of our patients. Some teens may get more out of group therapy, while others may benefit more from the individual sessions. We can set up a combination day treatment program that is right for your teen. Our program helps teens who are new to substance use as well as those who are in the midst of an addiction.

By treating your teen’s mental health or substance use disorder now, there is a better chance at recovery. We aim to help your teen identify the triggers that initiate the use of substances to numb feelings, ease pain or cope with everyday stress. Once we know what those triggers are for your child, we work with them on ways to deal with healthy strategies instead of unhealthy ones. We also offer separate family therapy so that you can get treatment, too.

When you are searching for quality adolescent day treatments near St Paul, contact us at Options Family & Behavior Services, Inc. We can discuss the options with you in person or over the phone and answer any questions that you have. You may also visit us online at for more information about our services for adolescents with mental health and substance use disorders.

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