Here’s Why Counseling Is Important for Addiction Recovery in Lakewood, CO

Although most people can consume psychoactive drugs like alcohol, cannabis, tobacco, and opioids without getting addicted, millions of Americans are currently addicted to drugs. Fortunately, many forms of addiction treatment exist. One of the most effective forms of treatment is addiction counseling in Lakewood, CO.

Counseling Resolves Family, Friend, and Spouse Relationship Issues

People who battle addiction are notorious for ruining social ties to significant others, friends, and family members. Many people in active addiction feel motivated to keep using drugs because they’ve ruined their relationships. After all, why would someone feel motivated to leave drugs in favor of relationships that are nonexistent or in bad shape? Addiction counseling in Lakewood, CO, helps clients resolve their relationship issues, improving their shot at recovering successfully.

It Treats Co-Occurring, Underlying Mental Health Conditions

Some sources report that more than half of all Americans who battle addiction have a mental health disorder other than substance use disorder. Although medication is a common first-line treatment for mental health conditions, counseling is equally important for improving these diagnoses’ symptoms. Without dealing with co-occurring mental health disorders, people who use drugs are unlikely to recover from addiction.

Counseling Helps Clients Identify Triggers

Triggers are people, places, things, and thoughts that make people who use drugs experience cravings. Many addicts struggle to identify triggers without a professional’s help, decreasing their chances of recovery. Counselors help addicts understand their triggers and how to avoid them.

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