Hiring An Aggravated Speeding Attorney In Chicago

Most drivers receive at least one speeding ticket at some time in their life. These drivers are typically driving a few miles an hour over the speed limit, but they are not excessively speeding. In these cases, the police officer in Chicago gives the driver a speeding ticket, which the driver is required to pay or to choose to appear in court.

Class A and Class B Speeding Citations

However, in cases where the driver is speeding excessively, the charges for speeding can be significantly increased. In Chicago, driving at a speed of more than 35 miles over the posted speed limit is a Class A speeding citation, while traveling at 26 to 34 miles over the posted speed limit is a Class B citation.

Unlike a typical speeding ticket, aggravated speeding that results in a Class A or a Class B citation carries both prison time as well as fines, or sometimes both. For Class A citations, drivers can receive up to 364 days in prison with or without up to $2500 in fines. For the Class B citation, drivers can receive up to 180 days in the Cook County Department of Corrections and up to $1500 in fines.

Going to Court

Going to court if you receive a Class A or a Class B speeding citation is not optional. Having an aggravated speeding attorney to represent you will be critical to potentially reduce the citation and limit any time in prison and any potential fines.

Having an aggravated speeding attorney hired to represent you in the case helps you to prepare and understand what is happening. This is true for both residents of Chicago as well as those living out of state. For those out of state, it is possible for the aggravated speeding attorney to negotiate a plea disposition on your behalf, saving you from having to return to the city to appear in court.

Ideally, the attorney hired will work to reduce the citation to a petty speeding charge, eliminating the risk of having to serve any time in prison. Fines can also be reduced, and these tickets are much less damaging to your driving record. In many cases, court supervision is all that is required, which has a mandatory court cost of $214.

Driver Defense Team can provide an experienced aggravated speeding attorney to represent you for a Class A or B aggravated speeding citation.

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