How Bed Bug Exterminators In Brooklyn Rid A Home Of A Pest Invasion

Bed bugs are one of the most dreaded of pests because getting rid of them is nearly impossible without the expertise of a professional exterminator. Failing to eradicate these pests will cause a family to sustain bites whenever they sleep or sit on other pieces of furniture made of fabric. Fortunately, bed bug exterminators in Brooklyn are standing by to help and will use a multi-faceted approach to discover and kill off these unwanted pests as quickly as possible.

Heat Treatment

Bed bugs and the eggs that they lay are no match for heat, as they will both die when subjected to a temperature of 118 degrees Fahrenheit or higher for 90 minutes. An exterminator will utilize large, commercial heating units and strategically place them throughout a house. During their operation, they will continuously monitor portable thermostats to make sure that the required temperature is reached and kill off any pests in a matter of hours.

Internal Insecticides

In some instances, the use of heat may not be a viable option, so bed bug exterminators in Brooklyn will use a variety of insecticides to kill them off. These frustrating pests are drawn to items such as mattresses and couches, and spraying them with the chemical will eliminate them in a matter of minutes. Bed bugs are smart, and they will relocate to other areas of a home, so it is crucial to apply the chemical several times to keep them from coming back.

External Use Products

The inside of a home is not the only area that requires treatment, as these unwanted bugs often may make their way outdoors to escape death. A professional pest management company will apply an industrial strength product around the foundation of a home which kills off those in the area and prevents others from making their way inside. Without a comprehensive approach, most infestations will resurface in a matter of weeks.

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