How to Avoid Knee Surgery From an Accident in Mequon: The Best Alternative

You were enjoying your normal routine of jogging one day when suddenly someone ran into you, causing you to fall. You look up to find no one around and are feeling pain in your legs, particularly in the ankles and knees. What will you do next?

Home Remedies to Help Alleviate the Pain

Your first thought is that it is no big deal and you will be okay. However, the following day the pain has become excruciating, leaving you turning to using a combination of store-bought medication, cold packs, and a hot compress to reduce swelling and bruising. While these items can provide temporary relief, you may have injured the very bone that connects your ankles and knees, the tibia. You might begin to search on your mobile device to find the answer to the question, what support resources are available for individuals with ankle pain and knee pain. The answer might be to first turn to a medical professional for a proper diagnosis.

Devastating News: Is Surgery Your Only Option?

You might have been informed that surgery is an option but are wondering if there are alternatives. Yes, there is. To answer the question, of what support resources are available for individuals with ankle pain and knee pain, is that you should consider regenerative medicine treatments. This field of medicine will utilize the bodys natural ability to heal and is a great resource to begin your journey to healing and recovering from your injury.

Custom-Tailored Treatment Options

Perhaps you are excited to take advantage of these types of treatments to avoid surgery like knee replacement in Mequon, WI but are unsure who to turn to that specializes in regenerative medicine. Visit QC Kinetix (Mequon).

They offer decades of combined expertise to help you heal and recover without surgery through non-surgical, custom-tailored treatment choices. Visit QC Kinetix (Mequon) to schedule an appointment with these experts to avoid knee replacement in Mequon, WI surgery today. View Testimonials.