How to deal with squirrels in the attic in Plano, TX

You can imagine every now and then hearing the sounds of some creature running up and down in your attic. This is a scenario that many homeowners experience. This creature many a times is a squirrel but fortunately enough you need not to keep on worrying about the animal, as it is possible to capture the squirrel by use of bait that will easily attract the animal to the trap. It is also important to note that you also have to be keen while handling the squirrel. Critter control is known to have very many methods of eliminating squirrels in attic Plano, TX concerns. It makes use of ecological squirrel control systems that help in getting rid of the squirrels.

Some of the squirrel control methods used in Plano, TX include:
1. Getting rid of the squirrels through exclusion could also help in eliminating squirrels in attic Plano, TX problems. The first step towards eliminating the squirrels is getting to know where the squirrels pass so as to get to the building. It’s obvious that the squirrels come and go, so then search for the entrance. After getting the entrance you can therefore block it.
2. Another method of eliminating squirrels in attic Plano TX problems would be the use of cultural methods and habitat modification. You can remove the selected branches of trees that the squirrels use to get to the building.
3. You may as well make use of squirrel repellents to get rid of squirrels in attic Plano, TX infestations. Naphthalene, polybutenes, and capsaicin are known to be very good squirrel repellents.
4. Another method would be to trap the squirrels in attic Plano, TX located. In trapping of the squirrel, the following would be useful for you to be successful:

How to use a trap for the squirrel
Here are some tips on how you can use a trap to catch the squirrel:
1. Try to learn more about the trap before using it. Once you are familiar with it bring the bait ingredients.
2. Monitor the squirrel’s habits. Get to know its frequently used routes; this includes the trees it’s used to climbing or even the places it visits regularly. The best time to watch it is in the morning or slightly after.
3. You can try out the trap with a slice of bread. Apply peanut butter on the slice of bread using a butter knife. With the peanut butter being in the middle of the bread fold the piece, break some piece of the bread to use it as chum for the squirrel. This should be placed next to the place where you will set up the trap.
4. Set the trap and ensure that you bait it. A piece of bread smeared with some peanut is okay for bait. You can spread some sunflower feeds on the peanut butter.
5. Place the trap around the place you frequently see the squirrel. Try and avoid setting the trap for some several days after placement.
6. Ensure that you check on the trap three times a day. In case you catch one ensure that you use gloves to handle it. That way you will really be eliminating squirrels in attic Plano, TX issues.

If you use the above methods and tips you can be sure that the squirrels will not be a bother any more to you in Plano, TX.

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