How to Make Your Trade Show Display Booth Stand Out

Trade shows are great ways to get your small business noticed to the public and private sector. But in order for your trade show display booth to really stand out, it will be based on how you design your booth. Just like any form of marketing or advertising you engage in for your business, the more uniqueness and the more effort you put into it the more your business is likely to grab attention.

First, a trade show display booth will draw attention to your business and what it offers. The more interest you generate, the more people will stop by your booth; therefore, the more possible business you will generate. People attending a trade show are there to learn about the different companies or businesses on display. So how do you go about attracting people and potential customers to your booth? There are several ways to do this.

To get your business noticed among the hundreds of other booths, you should consider the location, size, and design of your booth. Spice up your business with a unique style. If you run an accounting business, add a unique style or twist to it. Many people’s idea of an accounting business is tedious and unexciting; surprise them with exciting banners, logos, and designs that can change their mind about what an accounting business really it.

Be sure you pick a good location. This is key. If your booth is close to the doors or in high traffic areas, it’s obviously going to receive more attention. The downside is that it will cost more to have one of the best locations. Determine how large your booth will be. Obviously, the bigger your booth is the better. Use large banners and display items with your name and logo. Use flashes and sounds to draw attention to your booth. Make sure people can see your booth and it’s not hidden.

Be sure you have plenty of business cards, brochures, and other promotional material with your business and logo on them. Give away items with your business name and logo on it. When you are giving away all these free items, be sure you provide a plastic bag for the customer with your business name and logo on it. Lastly, talk to the attendees. Don’t sit there and look at them. Reach out and engage in conversation with them. This will give them a sense of your personality.

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