How to Pick Exceptional Clemson University Off-Campus Housing

Finding suitable student housing makes a difference in one’s college experience. That’s why students must research and study their options to find the best Clemson University off-campus housing.

Start With Location

Whether a student has a car or not, student housing close to campus is always beneficial. Not only is it easier to get to class, but to attend on-campus events too. Students without vehicles will find that many off-campus student apartment options have shuttle services to and from campus, but it’s nice to still be within walking distance to campus.

Consider the Lease Agreement

Off-campus housing works differently than dormitory assignments. With a student apartment, each student will need to sign a lease agreement that details the monthly rent payment, rules for living at the complex, etc. The best off-campus student housing offers per-person leases. These leases give students peace of mind knowing their housing will never be jeopardized as long as they pay their monthly rent. It doesn’t matter if their roommates don’t pay.

Check Out the Amenities

Students will find that many off-campus housing units have exceptional amenities that make every day feel like a vacation. These amenities include resort-like pools, dining options, large community gathering spaces, planned social activities, and fitness centers. Apartment amenities include decks or patios, in-unit laundry, and ensuite bathrooms.

Living in Clemson University’s off-campus housing gives students more freedom and independence. Why not give it a try? Check out Cottages of Clemson online at for more information.