How to Prevent an Infestation from the Termite in Los Angeles

Termites are not something to take lightly. These insects can cause thousands of dollars of damage on any home within a short period of time. They can be a problem for the structure of your home, roof or foundation. Understanding how to prevent an infestation of the termite in Los Angeles is the best way to protect your home.


Termites love moisture. The most common areas of moisture found around the home are in the landscaping. If you have mulch that is too close to the siding or foundation of your home, termites could take up residence there, eventually making their way to your siding or foundation, eating away at the structure of your home. Moisture can also be found in gutters and downspouts. Any standing water should promptly be removed to avoid the infestation of termites.

Rotted Wood

A periodic inspection of the wood around your home is another way to prevent an infestation of the termite in Los Angeles. Wood on roofs, in the structure of the home or even firewood lying around the exterior of your home is a welcome place for termites. Replace any rotted wood as soon as possible to prevent this from occurring. This is especially important for homes that are made from wood siding. Once the termites start eating at the siding, you could have an expensive problem on your hands.


If you have wood siding or wood anywhere near your home, it is a good idea to have a professional inspection of your property at least once a year to determine if you have an infestation of the termite in Los Angeles. The professionals know the signs and symptoms to look for, as well as the various areas termites are known to hide in your area. Even if you perform your own routine inspection, the professionals are trained to find them quicker than the standard homeowner, allowing you to treat a small problem before it becomes an expensive problem.

The termite in Los Angeles is a real threat to homeowners. Taking the proper steps to prevent them from infesting your home is the first step any homeowner should take. Understanding exactly where they hide and what encourages them to choose your property is essential to proper prevention. In addition, having a professional inspection is the best way to give yourself the peace of mind that you do not have termites and your home is safe.

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