How to Sell Your Company to Investors or Partners at a Conference

One of the most important parts of running a business is being able to bring in new investors. Partnering with other businesses can also be an excellent strategy for streamlining aspects of your operations. Selling why they should work with your company, however, isn’t as easy as shaking a few hands and taking them out to play golf. The very first task is planting the idea of immersing themselves in your company without them knowing. This can be done at a conference, fundraiser, dinner party, or any other professional gathering. The secret is through graphic design.

Shirts to Take Home

At every function, guests usually leave with some gifts. You can capitalize on these gifts by ensuring that they remember who and what your company is. Before your guests leave to go home, ensure that they take home a shirt that’s stamped with your company’s logo. Even if they only ever use the shirt as a workout shirt or wear it on the weekends around the house, at the very least it will be present in their home. They’ll remember your company every time they look at it, and your business’s name and logo may stick in their minds next time they require a service that your company provides.

Professionally Printed Coffee Mugs

Another way to make your presence known in potential client’s lives and to subtly usher them into the fold is through mugs. Again, local printing and marketing can be used to place your company’s motto, slogan, contact information, or logo on the mug. Perhaps even a simple mug in your company’s colors will do. Either way, a mug is sure to be used.

Customized and Functional Napkins

One last way that you can use graphic design to sell your company to investors is to stamp the logo on napkins and dishware at a dinner party. It reminds them just why they’re there. Local printing and marketing can ensure your company is at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

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