Importance of Commercial Inspections by Qualified Roofing Companies in Davie, FL

Business owners need to understand the need for commercial roof inspections by qualified roofing companies in Davie, FL. Inspections are crucial for a commercial roof because of their constant exposure to various elements, including heavy winds and rain. Using a qualified roofing company, such as Benatar Group, LLC, can help spot any potential problems before becoming a liability.

Inspections Reduce Leaks

Regular inspections of a commercial roof are the best way to prevent leaks, but they can also prevent a roof from collapsing. The heat of the summer sun increases the risk of cracking the roof’s membrane. Any cracks in the membrane can lead to leaks during the rainy season.

High winds cause uplifting, which can also turn into leaks. Even the smallest leak can cause expensive damage as if the leak goes undetected, it weakens the roof and can lead to its collapse.

How Often Should Roofs Be Inspected?

It is strongly recommended that you have roofing companies in Davie, FL come out twice a year to perform an inspection. The two best times are spring and fall. The spring inspection allows roofers to find any damage caused by severe winter weather and fix it before the summer heat arrives. The fall inspection is ideal for getting the roof ready for winter weather.

During the inspection, the entire roof should be inspected, not just parts of it. Ensure that the company is inspecting the gutters and drainage pipes along with the decking, underlayment, and other parts of the roof.

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