Important Reasons to Put Cicero Injury Lawyers in Chicago on Retainer

As an accident victim, it can be challenging to remember what rights that you have in your case. It may seem like the person who caused the accident has more of a case against you than you do against that person.

In fact, you have numerous rights available to you, all of which can help you get compensation and justice. You can find out what those rights are and make full use of them by hiring one of the Cicero injury lawyers to represent you.

Pursuing a Judgment

One of the rights that you have available to you as a victim involves pursuing a judgment against the responsible person in court. Once you can establish what happened in the accident and show who was responsible for it, you can then file a lawsuit against that person and ask the court to award you damages.

If the court awards you damages, it may then issue a judgment that lets you garnish the responsible person’s wages or put a levy or lien on his or her assets. This judgment allows you to collect on money that this person owes you under your state’s personal injury laws and recover compensation for your medical costs, lost income, and other expenses from the accident.

You can find out more about hiring Cicero injury lawyers online. To make an appointment for a consultation or learn how to retain them, contact the Shea Law Group today.

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