Injured While Walking? Call a Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Sioux Falls, SD

Most people who hear someone mention an attorney and an accident in the same sentence usually think about a car collision or perhaps a work-related incident resulting in injury. But there may be a time when you need to hire a pedestrian accident attorney, when you or someone close to you is on foot and is injured by a vehicle. In fact, if you’re injured in an incident that was not your fault, an experienced attorney can make sure that you get the compensation that you need and deserve.

Array of Services

When you put your situation in the capable hands of the professionals at Lockwood & Zahrbock Kool Law Office, you open the door to an array of services, including help with motor vehicle accidents, negligence, whiplash, head injuries, liability cases, and more. Having an attorney with experience in this part of the legal world can be crucial to protecting your rights. With this professional assistance, you’re more likely to get the complete compensation that you should receive.

It’s essential to contact a pedestrian accident attorney in Sioux Falls, SD as soon as possible after the incident and to avoid talking to anyone about the case before getting legal advice. This can be very important in the final resolution of the case because the insurance company for the driver may use your pre-attorney statements to prove the accident and injuries were your fault.

Steps to Take

In addition to not discussing the details with anyone, there are certain steps that you should take after the incident. Don’t leave the scene until emergency medical responders and police arrive. You can gather information from the driver, but don’t negotiate or make any statements to indicate that you agree with their assessment.

Seeking medical care and contacting your pedestrian accident attorney are the two most important steps, of course. Seeking medical attention can also be crucial to protecting your settlement rights in the near future.

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