Interesting Ways to Care for Wavy Hair in Stone Mountain, GA

People with wavy hair know that it is difficult to care for. Wavy hair simply requires special attention to keep it looking its best. If you have been trying to tame your waves for a while without success, use these tips to get it under control.

Shampoo and Conditioner Are Key

It should go without saying that your shampoo and conditioner are the foundation for good hair. If you make the mistake of using the wrong type, you’ll see a huge difference in your hair’s texture and manageability. Therefore, make sure that you are using a quality shampoo and conditioner for wavy hair. The difference will be immediately recognizable in the mirror. Be sure to look for products that are specially formulated for wavy hair.

Cold Water Is Your Friend

Sure, warm water feels great in the shower, but it doesn’t do justice for your hair. On the other hand, cold water washing provides many different benefits. For one, colder water is known for closing the hair shafts. This traps moisture inside that will end up nourishing your hair. Warm and hot water does the opposite. Therefore, if you can acclimate yourself to colder temperatures, it will benefit your hair in the long run.

Blow Dryers Are Bad

When dealing with wavy hair, you want to avoid over-drying it at all times. This is why you should refrain from using a blow dryer. Instead, let your hair air dry after you have rinsed out the conditioner for wavy hair. By doing so, your hair will remain soft and moisturized for longer periods.

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