Is There a Difference Between Used and Recycled Truck Parts in Houston TX?

Reduce, reuse and recycle has become a popular slogan for one aspect of the environmental movement. People tend to think of recycling as converting an object it to a different object through a certain amount of processing. That might make the idea of Recycled Truck Parts in Houston TX seem like a misnomer. Then why do companies that sell used auto parts sometimes refer to the components as recycled?


These suppliers may use both words to describe the parts they sell, or they may focus on one word instead of the other. Either way, it doesn’t matter, as the customers can ask for used or Recycled Truck Parts in Houston TX, and the store reps know what they mean. They want a more affordable option than a new part. They realize it has been taken off of another vehicle after receiving a certain amount of use, but it is still in good working order.


What types of recycled components are vehicle owners searching for when they contact a supplier like Apache Auto Parts? It could be nearly anything that can be transferred from one vehicle to another and still function properly and safely.

Truck Body and Under the Hood

An example for the truck body would be a used truck bed, cap or Tonneau cover. These can be substantially cheaper in used models than buying a new product. Parts for under the hood include belts and hoses that are not visibly worn.

Rebuilt and Remanufactured Parts

Some parts from under the hood are rebuilt or remanufactured before they are sold again. These technically are used and recycled, but they have been repaired and refurbished to be almost like new. This typically is done with motors and pumps. Examples include the power steering fluid pump and the water pump, and the starter for the ignition.

OEM Components

An especially positive point about buying used truck parts is they often qualify as original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, components. OEM parts can be considered top of the line for many vehicles, installed by automobile manufacturers as they build new cars and trucks. Visit us online to get started.

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