Jumping Without The Springs

If you’re concerned about the safety of the people who will be jumping on your trampoline, there are a few options to consider if you don’t want to go with a traditional design. One is a spring-free trampoline. These don’t have the typical springs that you would see, decreasing the number of injuries that could occur while jumping. The areas of impact are eliminated because the springs aren’t in place. This means that children and adults can jump around on the surface without watching for the metal devices that are located along the edges of the equipment. An enclosure can assist with keeping jumpers safe as well.  A benefit of a Springfree trampoline New Jersey stores sell is that there are rods located underneath the jumping surface that are flexible. These rods shift while people are jumping but are out of the way to prevent injuries. They offer support and structure to the trampoline without the springs in place.

The frame of a Springfree trampoline New Jersey stores sell is also located well out of sight, offering another safety feature that keeps everyone from hitting any of the hard materials that support the equipment.   The surface of this type of trampoline is usually more shock-absorbent. Those who jump on the mat will have more support no matter where they jump compared to a trampoline with springs and pads losing the absorbency features only a short time after using the equipment. A Springfree trampoline offers the same type of jumping surface as well as the same amount of space for jumping that other types offer. The biggest difference is that there are no springs along the edges and that the other hardware is located out of sight for the protection of those who are on the equipment. There are other safety features that you should consider as the sides are still open unless you have an enclosure along the edges.

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