Keep Your Portland OR Cold Items Cool Longer with the Best Cooler Features

Whether you are taking that much-anticipated road trip with the family or heading out on a grand fishing trip, you need a cooler that you can count on to keep your food and beverages cold for a long time. Today’s coolers have come a long way from those old Styrofoam boxes. They now include convenient features combined with the latest technology when it comes to keeping things cold longer.

Cold Retention

You want a cooler with at least two inches of insulation in the walls, floor, and cover. You will also want freezer quality sealing gaskets to ensure the cold air won’t escape. A durable one-piece construction adds further dependability to the structure. Keep in mind that the temperature inside will be affected by how often the lid is removed.


Your cooler does much more than keep food cold. When traveling, it is nice to have one with tabletops and cup holders. For fishing trips, you need a cooler with an inch ruler embossed in the cover as well as a cutting board surface.

Ice Retention

Above all else, you will want coolers in Portland, OR, that residents can count on to stay cold longer. Be sure to check out the rating before purchasing a cooler. The rating will give you valuable information about how long you can expect ice to keep when placed inside.

The coolers in Portland, OR, that residents love most include the above-mentioned features. Visit Outlast Life at to find the perfect cooler for your own needs.

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