Laser Cutting in Seattle, WA: Gaining Numerous Benefits from a Single Tool

Metals first came to be used in various applications more than 9,000 years ago according to historical records. Over the centuries, new ores and blends have been found and created, and a wide range of different uses for them have been discovered. Just as metals themselves have improved since the early days, methods of working with them have also advanced. Laser Cutting Seattle WA is among the most widespread evolutions. Numerous benefits can come from using lasers in cutting metals, many of which touch several industries in various ways.


From saws and grinders to gas and plasma torches, plenty of tools are available for cutting metals. Lasers offer far greater precision than many of the other options. This creates heightened versatility for any number of businesses. At the same time, they reduce the amount of waste generated during the cutting process. In turn, material costs are lowered in many cases.


Old tools and methods serve their purposes, but they’re extremely inefficient when compared to Laser Cutting Seattle WA. Blades and other attachments tend to wear out quickly when continually cutting through metal, but lasers are able to withstand repeated use. They can also eliminate the need for additional tooling, so turnaround time is much lower when using lasers. Less energy is consumed along the way as well, so improved efficiency comes from a number of angles.


Since lasers can cut through metal of varying thicknesses and create intricate shapes and small holes with ultimate precision, they provide far more versatility than other cutting methods. They’re also designed to be used on a number of different metals, so few limits apply when laser cutters are part of the process. With help from fabrication experts like Specialty Metals, countless industries are able to take advantage of the power of lasers as well, including automotives, aerospace, manufacturing, construction and electronics to name a few.

Heightened precision, efficiency and versatility are all available courtesy of laser cutting machines; of course, specialized knowledge of the many possible applications also comes into play. Those in need of high-quality metal components and customized pieces could certainly benefit from this type of expertise and technology. For more information, don’t hesitate to visit

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