Let Us Take Care of Your Feet

Your feet carry you around all day. They allow you to stand up, take steps, go up and down stairs, push the pedals on a bike and propel yourself through the water in a swimming pool. With all of that activity, it is no wonder that your feet may hurt. Our foot doctor in Beverly offers thorough podiatry services that are designed to diagnose foot problems, provide you with effective treatment and teach you how to prevent common foot injuries and conditions.

We treat many types of foot and ankle problems. If you have diabetes, it is important to see a podiatrist regularly in order to prevent serious complications. We also care for people with chronic conditions of the foot such as heel spurs, hammertoe, high arches, flat feet and inflammation of the plantar fascia. Our services include the creation of customized orthotic devices that are designed to reduce foot pain and provide better cushioning and support to your feet. We can also advise you on which footwear to wear.

In our practice, we also care for people who have had an injury to the foot. Perhaps you had a slip-and fall accident that tore a ligament or tendon. Maybe you fell on the icy sidewalks and experienced a fracture. We treat all types of sprains, strains and fractures. If you have another type of foot condition, let us help. We offer care for athlete’s foot and other fungus problems, metatarsalgia, bunions, corns, calluses and more.

When you are in need of a foot doctor in Beverly, contact us at Mitchell Foot & Ankle. Our professional office staff and medical team looks forward to helping you achieve and maintain healthy feet and ankles. You may also visit us online at HydeParkFootDoctor.com in order to learn more about our podiatry services.

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