Looking into Clear Braces? Here’s What to Know Beforehand

Are you considering getting clear braces? You’re not alone; clear braces and aligner options have become the most popular and most beloved options for straightening teeth – especially for teenagers and working adults.

Here’s why they’re so popular – and what you can expect from getting them, yourself.

Why Clear Teeth Alignment is Clearly Preferred

Why do people love clear braces and aligners? It all has to do with appearances. People have long despised the way traditional, metal braces looked and felt, especially when they are teenagers dealing with adolescent bullying. But perhaps even worse are working adults who are finally financially able to make improvements to their teeth on their own dime, now living through that embarrassment as they wear braces in the 20s or 30s.

None of that is necessary with clear options. They are more comfortable, easier to wear, and less revealing. Some people even manage to straighten their teeth without others ever noticing the aligners or braces!

What You Can Expect with Clear Alternative to Braces

If you get a clear alternative to braces in Columbia, MD, it is important to know that you have options. The local orthodontists offer everything from the clear brackets that offer the benefits of traditional braces to the popular clear aligners that are better for less severe misalignment cases. Whichever you and your provider choose, the procedure will involve getting your teeth fitted via plaster casts and x-rays.

After your aligners are created or your braces are placed, you will be expected to care for them and your teeth regularly. Brush your teeth at least twice daily and use a disinfectant rinse to ensure good oral health. Do not eat foods that your orthodontist forbids during your course of treatment. Remove aligners when eating if recommended and be sure to store them properly. By maintaining both your teeth and the equipment during your treatment, you will get the best possible results in as little time as possible. Now, that’s worth smiling about!

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