Managing Your Knee Pain at Home and With the Help of a Doctor

Knee pain can be caused by a variety of reasons including injuries or arthritis. Your doctor can perform examinations to determine the cause including an MRI or X-ray in order to craft a treatment plan so that it’s comfortable to walk and move around. The following are a few ways that you can manage knee pain with a Knee Pain Doctor In Madison WI offering assistance as well.


Try to move your knee as much as you comfortably can. Moving the muscles and the joints can prevent them from getting too stiff and locking in place. Your doctor can order physical therapy sessions if they are needed so that you get professional help for safely exercising your knee.


If there is fluid on your knee, then your doctor can remove it with a needle. Injections can also be used to decrease inflammation in your knee, making it a bit more comfortable to move. Sometimes, you might need to treat knee pain with a Knee Pain Doctor in Madison WI by having injections given a few times a week until your pain is under control.

Ice and Heat Therapy

Ice can be used to help relieve swelling in your knee. Once the swelling has been controlled, you can use heat therapy to provide comfort so that it’s easier to move your knee. This is a method of treating knee pain after an injury or after you have surgery.

Surgical Options

If other types of treatment don’t work, then surgery could be needed. Your doctor can remove cartilage that might be hindering the movement of your knee and causing the pain that you experience. A knee replacement is an option as well in severe situations.

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