Manufacturer Preferred Roof Installers in St. Charles MO

Many roof installers in St. Charles MO are factory-trained to install specific products. This common practice is completed to benefit both the manufacturer of the materials and the installers. The factory is assured that roofers will properly install the materials. This is important because the warranty can be voided if installers have not been trained by the factory. It benefits the contractor because customers know installers are well trained.

Preferred Contractors

Factory-trained and manufacturer preferred are two different distinctions. Installers go to a workshop to learn how to install products and are certified factory-trained. Contractors who have several years of experience, hire roof installers in St. Charles MO who have consistently installed a product successfully, and represent the product well to customers are deemed Manufacturer Preferred installers.

Owens Corning, for example, in a manufacturer that lists preferred contractors for their roofing shingles. The workmanship and installation procedures are reviewed periodically by the manufacturer to determine if the contractor maintains exemplary practices. The distinction can be revoked if a roofing business does not continue to uphold standards. Be sure to double check manufacturer websites to find the contractor on the current list of vendors.

Residential and Commercial Services

While some installers limit their knowledge and expertise to either residential roofing or commercial roofing services, it is wise to find ones that know how to install all types of roofing. The reason for this is that metal roofing has become popular for homes. Originally used for commercial buildings, much like flat roofs, metal is now available in many styles and colors. The energy-efficiency and savings due to virtually zero maintenance offsets the higher initial cost and is attractive to homeowners.

Selecting a Contractor

There is more to an excellent contractor than just affordable pricing. Free estimates are standard, but free design consultations are an added-value service. Warranties, the ability to work with insurance companies for storm damage, and guaranteed craftmanship are also components that will set a contractor apart from the competition. Discounts, emergency leak repairs, and one-hundred percent financing available are rare finds as well. Pricing is important but will not save money or time if the roof is improperly installed. Consider all components and browse our website before selecting a contractor.


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