Modern Trends in Landscape Design in Westport, Connecticut

Modern homeowners want more out of their landscapes than sprawling lawns and a few shade trees. They want innovative designs that incorporate both landscaping and hardscaping elements to create peaceful, beautiful outdoor spaces that can be used seasonally to extend their living spaces. Read on to find out about a few contemporary trends in landscape design Westport, Connecticut homeowners can’t afford to miss.

Mixing Style and Function

Modern landscapes often incorporate functional elements. These may be vertical gardens that produce food for the family, backyard patios that act as outdoor dining areas, retaining walls that incorporate built-in seating, or carefully placed garden beds that divide different areas of the property while simultaneously improving its visual appeal.

Bring the Indoors Outside

Many homeowners are treating their yards as extensions of their homes, creating a unified design that complements the home’s interior architectural features and provides beautiful views from each of its windows. Try creating unified color schemes that match indoor furniture with outdoor flowers, berries, and fruits. Some homeowners go one step further and incorporate outdoor living spaces into their landscape designs.

Kitchen Gardens

Landscaping companies have been getting more requests for kitchen gardens, thanks to a growing interest in organic gardening and food sustainability. Kitchen gardens can include organic vegetables and herbs and are usually placed right outside the home. When they hire a professional for landscape design in Westport, Connecticut, property owners can expect their kitchen gardens to look just as beautiful as the rest of their outdoor spaces.

Shade Trees

Choosing the right shade trees can be a challenge since different species grow at different rates. Consider planting deciduous trees that will provide shade in the summer without impeding the sunlight in the winter. It will add some extra privacy to the yard while the trees grow and provide habitat to beneficial birds and insects that will help keep the rest of the plants healthy.

The Bottom Line

Designing an effective landscape requires an in-depth understanding of native and imported plants and a balance between function and style. Northeast Horticultural Services can help homeowners improve the appearance and livability of their yards by choosing the right plants and landscaping features. Visit the website to learn more about the available services today.

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