Moving Tips Commonly Mentioned by Movers in Ft Myers, FL

Those preparing to relocate an entire household will more than likely have a lot of items to sell, donate, and even discard. However, pay close attention to the items that should be given special attention during the moving process. Read below for helpful moving tips and recommendations on what to hold onto during the moving process and other moving tips for the big day. Consider these when getting ready to hire Movers in Fort Myers FL.

Irreplaceable Items and Valuables

When it comes to expensive or unique belongings, it is a good idea to keep them close by during a move. Many people find comfort in transporting these belongings in their personal vehicles for peace of mind. Examples of these items would be jewelry, family heirlooms, antiques, and original artwork.


Electronic devices that are modern and not outdated and damaged are worth moving to the new location. This includes TVs, DVD players, stereos, video game systems, computers, and laptops. Use extra bubble wrap, foam, and protective cushioning to ensure these items are not damaged or harmed during the move. Older, outdated items are probably best recycled if they’re unlikely to be used at the new location. This is a good time to purge any outdated items.

Important Documents

Pay close attention to important documents or paperwork. Things like birth certificates, passports, marriage licenses and insurance policies should be organized and labeled in folders within a box. It might be a good idea to transport these items in a personal vehicle so that there is no risk of them being misplaced or thrown away.

Set Aside Enough Time

Make sure and clear the calendar for a few days leading up to moving day. These days can be very stressful if too many responsibilities are scheduled along with things associated with moving. Set aside enough time to get everything done and alleviate some stress.

Working with a reliable moving company will ensure that no essential steps are missed. Keeping these tips in mind, the process should go smoothly. When looking for movers in Fort Myers FL, check out They are licensed and insured offering the best service in the industry. Rice’s Moving & Transporting is family owned and operated.

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