Neck Pain Treatment Strongsville Oh Does Not Require The Use Of Medication

Pain is very difficult to deal with especially with neck pain. This type of pain can cause severe headaches, numbness in the arms and hands. A pinched nerve or muscle spasm can make someone feel completely debilitated. Neck Pain Treatment Strongsville Oh , can be treated without the use of medication like pain killers and muscle relaxers. Masking the pain with medication will not fix someone’s problem in their neck or spine. A chiropractor can perform a complete evaluation of a patient’s strength, reflexes, and range of motion to determine the cause of the problem.

Car accident victims often suffer from whiplash. This condition occurs when the head and neck area snap from the violent collision. It can cause dizziness, headaches, vertigo, numbness and tingling in the arms or hands. Although muscle relaxers and pain medication are often prescribed when a victim visits the hospital emergency room, it will not fix the problem. Neck Pain Treatment Strongsville Oh can be fixed with gentle manipulation by a chiropractor, massage therapy, ultrasound, and decompression. A lot of the pain is created from the discs become inflamed, or bulge from the accident. This causes irritation on the nerve. If this condition isn’t treated, a victim can suffer long-lasting effects throughout their life.

As time goes on, the muscles in the area will begin to get very tight. A victim might feel like their shoulders are pulled towards their head due to the spasm in the muscle. They will have the inability to turn their head comfortably without pain. Manipulation of the vertebrae does not hurt. A patient may feel a cracking sound similar to when someone cracks their knuckle. There may be some tenderness after the first treatment but will subside quickly. Ultrasound can send sound waves deep into the muscle tissue that will increase the blood flow and healing process in the area. Decompression can separate the vertebrae to relieve the pressure on the discs. Contact Pure Physio

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