Payment Processing for MLM

All business want to grow and succeed, but this can be more difficult for certain types of businesses. If your business is a direct seller, MLM or party plan, you have different needs and therefore need a merchant account that fits these needs. Distributor payments and commissions can make recordkeeping a hassle. A direct selling/MLM account can handle these challenges and will work to increase flexibility and convenience.

Why an MLM Account is Unique
What makes an MLM account different from other merchant accounts? It offers many elements that are specific to the industry. For example, many MLM and direct seller businesses are labeled as “high risk,” meaning that they need an offshore bank to process payments or require a high reserve amount. This results in high costs and restrictions that can impact a business. A MLM account avoids these hassles. Because of the high volume of transactions in a direct seller business, an MLM account can offer pay-in/pay-out capabilities that reduce transaction fees and administrative costs. An MLM account can also handle multiple compensation structures –such as commission and tiered payments – which are common in the MLM and direct selling industries. Plus, system integration is seamless, reducing the need for downtime.

Features of MLM Payment Processing with Allied Wallet
With any business, time is money. When you want to make money now, why wait weeks to set up an account? That’s why with Allied Wallet, an MLM merchant account can be set up and integrated in as little as 12 hours. They offer live payment processing for MLM, which means that payments are processed automatically, 24/7, in multiple countries. The checkout process requires only two clicks. Allied Wallet also offers flexibility. They understand that each business is unique, so that means that it’s not possible to employ a one-size-fits-all approach. They keep rates while providing your business with a variety of otpions.

Allied Wallet understands your business. See how they can improve your business’ bottom line by visiting

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