Places that Make Kensington Attractive

Kensington is a town and district that is located in Central London, England. It is a well populated area that is marked by its historical buildings and museums. It is also one of the most beautiful and wealthiest districts, known for its culture and refinement. A two three day trip of Kensington would not only be a pleasant vacation, it would also acquaint you with a lot of history. There are many hotels in Kensington and you can stay in the one that you find the most comfortable.

Depending on your interest you can visit a variety of places and could even go to places you think you don’t care much about. You never know, you might start taking an interest after visiting. The places that are most appealing to visitors and residents alike are given below:

* One of the must see places is the Royal Albert Hall, the state-of-the-art concert hall. It is a beautiful piece of architecture and very famous for its beauty as well as the performances that have been held there.

* Kensington Palace is a place for everyone who is interested in royalty. People are allowed to visit some of the rooms of the palace and become a part of the royal world for a short time.

* If you are into arts and design, you must visit the Victoria and Albert Museum. It is one of the biggest museums of arts and people from all over the world come to visit it. It has a collection of above 4.5 million objects.

* Saatchi Gallery is a great place for the young ones. If you are visiting with your family then you must take a tour of it. The entrance is free and workshops can be attended if you book in advance. Art lover kids would love it.

* If you seek a theme park then Madam Tussauds is the place to go. Be it children or adults, the place is thrilling to all. The 4D movie experience is also available. You will definitely not regret going there.

* Serpentine Lake is the place to go if you are looking for some peace and quiet. You can just look at the lake and dream about the beautiful days of the past. There are two cafes nearby which you can visit if you feel like eating. Otherwise just stroll around the bank, away from the busy routine of the city.

* Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Park is a great place for younger kids. It is a place for physical, educational and creative development. Children can run wild and have the times of their lives.

* Of course you can’t just come back without doing a little bit of shopping. Harrods is an ideal department store. You can find anything from gift items to cosmetics and food hampers. All you have to do is be ready to spend lavishly.

So take the trip to Kensington as soon as your next vacation comes up. Book a room in the hotels near kensington and stay for at least 3-4 days. Visit all the places that capture your attention and spend some quality time combining a mixture of history and fun.

You never know, you might start taking an interest after visiting. The places that are most appealing to visitors and residents alike. Get more information on

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