Preparing Your Area For Fence Installation In Lapeer County MI

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Fence Installation

A fencing system is an independent structure that keeps people and pets from moving across a boundary such as a yard. It usually has an opening for entering and exiting the area it encloses. If you are having a fence system installed on your property, there are preparation tasks to perform before the actual construction begins.

If you will be hiring a fence contractor for fence installation in Lapeer County MI, consult with him before doing any preparation work. Decide who is responsible for which tasks. You can even have this written into the contract. By working cooperatively with your fence contractor, you can forge a better working relationship.

To start your preparation work, find out exactly where your property line is. If you don’t and accidentally build on your neighbor’s property, there could be a dispute in the future. There are a few ways to verify this. Visit your county assessor’s office. Request a copy of a map of your neighborhood. When this does not give you the right information, view your property survey. This document details the property lines and measurements. If you were not given a survey upon buying your home, hire a surveyor. This professional can mark your property lines with stakes.

It’s essential that you find underground utility lines. In many states, this is a law. Contact your state’s utility department to ascertain this information. Also, remove obstacles in the area that will be fenced. Trees, large rocks, and structures should be removed so fence installation in Lapeer County MI can go smoother. Do this before you decide which type of fence you want. Getting a mental picture without the obstacles will enable you to better judge which type of fence is most suitable for your home.

Having a fence installation in Lapeer County MI is a good way to safeguard your home, children, and pets. By thoroughly preparing, you or a contractor can perform the building faster and more easily. Finding your property line and any underground utility lines can save you from costly repairs. Fence installation can be an efficient job when you perform tasks in a methodical manner. For more information visit TMF Services.

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