Prevent the Need for Full System Replacement: Air Conditioning in Auburn, WA

by | Dec 23, 2021 | General

In the summer months, Auburn WA can peak at 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Combined with the heavy rains, the moist air can feel unbearable. Air conditioning in Auburn, WA is crucial to a comfortable and cozy home.

When your air conditioning system starts to make noises or fails, it can feel disastrous. There are two clear preventative steps that you can take to mitigate the risk of your air conditioning unit from needing replacement.

Notice Odd Sounds? Call a Professional

Air conditioning units may make some noise, but it is easy to tell when the normal humming noise has changed. If your system starts making strange noises, you should immediately call a technician to check your home’s air conditioning in Auburn WA.

While Auburn, WA does not get as hot as deep southern states, it does have a significant amount of humidity. Humidity and heat can cause wear and tear on your air conditioning system. To ensure that your air conditioning unit is working efficiently, you should never ignore any odd or weird sound.

Often, an HVAC technician can quickly identify the sound and fix the issue. If you let the issue prolong, it can cause your entire air conditioning unit to break and need replacement.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

Generally, professionals suggest that you should have your air conditioning unit serviced twice annually. In the fall, the HVAC team will focus more on your heater and furnace, while in the spring, they will focus on your air conditioner.

Your heating and cooling system are connected. If one breaks, it can affect the other even if they are different machinery. If you find a company that you like, you can ask them if they have routine maintenance contracts. These contracts typically offer bi-annual services and are cheaper than one-time visits.

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