Questions to Ask Before Getting Home Roof Repair in Menasha

Homeowners looking to have their roof repaired should ask their roofer some important questions before the project gets started. Doing so allows the person or people to know precisely what they’re getting into, including how long the project might last, what the final cost could look like, and whether or not there are available references that show the outstanding work the contractor has done in the past. Home Roof Repair in Menasha can include many services, depending on what each person is looking for at the time of service.


Does the company offer free estimates or does an estimate cost money? Most companies offer some sort of estimate to take a look at the amount of work needed and offer a quote for how much the work should cost in total. Homeowners should never let a contractor start the job without first getting an estimate.

Available Discounts

Sometimes, businesses will have special deals and discounts going on, such as $500 off the total roofing project price for any new customers. It’s important to ask about any available discounts so the total can be reduced at least somewhat for a better overall price. Some workers may forget about the promotion and fail to mention it at the time of the estimate or final payment, so the homeowner knowing to ask themselves is best.

Length of Project

Some projects may take just a few days, while others will take a few weeks or longer. It’s important to ask about the full length of the project and see what would happen on bad weather days. Knowing how long the work will take to complete will help people determine the best course of action regarding choosing a temporary place to stay. Some may handle a few days of noise while others would prefer to stay elsewhere while the roofing work gets completed.


Asking for references from previous customers can help new customers see what their roofing project could look like once finished. It’s good to take a look at company’s gallery of photos to see all the work they’ve completed. Many offer references without question.

A Home Roof Repair in Menasha may be just what a person needs to update their home. Asking questions beforehand ensures the customer knows what to expect throughout the process. Visit to learn more about all roofing services available.

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