Receive Extra Help

When you have an older relative who is struggling to live alone, it is time to talk to him about a retirement home in Evanston, IL. Some senior citizens begin to have physical or mental infirmities that make it difficult to drive a vehicle or to remember important things. Fortunately, there are several choices available for senior citizens who need extra help with daily living. An older couple may want to live in a home that has multiple floor levels and bedrooms along with a full-size kitchen while other senior citizens want to live in an assisted living home environment that has smaller spaces.

Transportation to Appointments

Living in a retirement home in Evanston makes it easier to remain independent while still having skilled professionals nearby when an emergency does occur. Each living space has a call button to request help for a medical problem or with daily living care. When a senior citizen needs to visit a physician’s office or the supermarket, there are small vans or buses for transportation, and a responsible driver does the driving or parking. If you have surgery, then a certified nursing assistant is available to help you during the recovery process.

Feel Safer

While a retirement home in Evanston may have a kitchen for preparing meals, you will also have access to on-site dining with meals that are prepared by a chef. You also won’t need to worry about being bored because the community will have daily activities such as exercise or craft classes. Living in a community near other senior citizens and professional employees can help you to feel safer from potential problems such as burglaries or assaults. To learn more about the benefits of living in a retirement community, contact Westminster Place.

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