Reflective Roof Coating Lets you Keep Your Cool

The roof of any building, residential or commercial, is the primary source of protection for all that is beneath it. There are many types of roof systems available, and many layers of roofing materials. However, the top surface exposed to the sun is the one that determines if a roof will be cool or hot. You can change the temperature of your roof simply by having it coated with reflective roofing materials.

Making the Occupants of a Building the Top Priority

In the same way that light colored clothing in the summer helps you keep cool, light colored roofing materials reflect the sun’s heat away from the building. This is especially important in hospitals, seniors’ residences, schools, and other public buildings.

Over the past few decades, many common buildings such as warehouses, apartment complexes and office buildings with a flat or slightly sloped roof, were typically covered with black asphalt or rubberized materials. This was just the average coating used for the practical purpose and to keep costs down. Today, however, construction companies and building owners are realizing the importance of choosing eco-friendly roofing that not only saves energy, it keeps the occupants inside, comfortable.

How Roof Coatings Work

Reflective roof coating is designed with special pigments that reflect the sun’s rays, keeping heat out, resulting in cooler air within the structure it tops. Cool roof coatings are typically white as darker colors absorb the sun’s heat. There are many types of industrial roof coatings, each with a specific purpose. Most are applied like a paint and depending on the size of the roof, the majority are sprayed on.

Many reflective roof coatings do more than protect the surface of the roof from the sun’s ultra violet light. They protect the roof from environmental damage caused by the elements while many offer water protection. They are also energy efficient.

When Installed by a Professional, Reflective Roof Coating Provides Many Benefits:

* It provides reflective properties and keeps the heat off of the surface of the roof

* It saves energy and reduces cost associated with overactive air conditioning systems trying to cool a hot building’s interior

* It improves the comfort level of the people inside the building, especially if there is no air conditioning

* Extends the life of the roof

* Offers protection from oxidation and weathering

* Improves the curb appeal of the building

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