Reliable Termite Control In Westchester County NY

As a homeowner, the most we typically know about termites is that they can destroy the foundation of our home and thus must be eliminated. The actual definition of termite, also known sometimes as the white ant, is any pale or whitish ant like insect of the order ‘Isoptera’. Termites typically live in warm, wet, lush or tropical regions, but there are a few species which live in areas such as Australia. Some of the species feed on wood or wood pulp and make their homes amidst the damage they create which is why they are so destructive to our homes. This destruction is the primary reason people make use of Termite Control Westchester County NY.

Like the ant, termites are very social insects. They have two membranous wings, bead like antennae, chewing mandibles and a segmented body. When viewed from above, the head is rounded from behind and partly elongated. It houses the antennae and in some castes you can find compound eyes. Unlike humans and other mammals who get their structural support from our skeletons, termites have an exoskeleton, a strong outer skin which acts much like a shell. Along with physical support for the body and internal organs, the exoskeleton provides the termite with some protection. Interestingly, science has begun to reclassify the termite from the taxonomic order of Isoptera to the epifamily Termitoidae in the cockroach order Blattodea. This is due to the fact that termites are unrelated to ants with the exception of appearance and their social nature.

Controlling termites can sometimes be a difficult job. Eliminating them takes time and effort and typically requires multiple attempts. Like many insects, termites leave eggs and these eggs may hatch after the first extermination attempt. Likewise, termites are always looking for new sources of food and could come from outside areas to make your home their next meal.

There are numerous things to consider when using Termite Control Westchester County NY and the best pest control companies like Garrie Pest Control LLC are ready and willing to provide you with any information you may require. For example, the termites which may be living in your home like to locate their colonies close to a water source.

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