Reputable Elderly Care in Sarasota, FL

If your aging loved one has passed a point where it’s safe to age in place, yet they want to protect their independence, finding senior living facilities can be one of the best alternatives. At Watercrest Senior Living, we offer luxury assisted living accommodations to residents who are looking for amenities that help them feel at home, but require assistance with daily living tasks and more. We take great pride in making sure our residents are comfortable and have access to everything they need to live their senior years to their fullest.

A Luxury Assisted Living Environment

Today’s elderly care facilities are much different than the nursing homes of old most people still think about. Our assisted living facility in Sarasota, FL, isn’t a cold, uniform place that requires seniors to stay in their rooms without much to do. Instead, we offer a vast array of luxurious amenities that make daily living a special treat. However, in addition to things like our spa and our wine tastings, we also offer assistance to those who may need it, whether that’s with taking care of daily tasks or they need help maintaining or cleaning their apartments.

A Unique Experience

We aren’t like most senior living facilities you may find around the state or even across the country. We have built a community that supports our senior residents in a number of ways. Not only do we provide the care and assistance they may require that makes aging in place difficult, if not impossible, but we have implemented a variety of amenities that help them live their later years to their fullest.

Contact us to schedule a tour so you can determine if our facility is the right one for your senior loved one by visiting the website.

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