Reviewing Related Topics with Slip and Fall Injury Attorneys in Valdosta, GA

In Georgia, premises liabilities arise when a property owner doesn’t eliminate hazards in or around their property and someone gets hurt. When presenting a legal claim, the victim must show that the owner was aware of the conditions and fail to act. Slip and fall injury attorneys in Valdosta, GA provide legal representation for victims of premises liabilities.

What Type of Hazard Caused the Fall?

The type of hazard that caused the fall determines if the property owner was aware of the conditions. For example, if the hazard was in an area where the owner walks every day, they are aware of the conditions and haven’t corrected them. Warning signs around the area could eliminate the owner’s liability. However, without the signs, the owner isn’t attempting to protect visitors.

Was the Hazard an OSHA Violation?

OSHA violations lead to worker-related injuries, but the conditions could lead to visitor injuries, too. The employer is required by law to maintain the property and keep workers from sustaining injuries. If the conditions aren’t managed properly, the employer will be at fault.

Who Was the Victim of the Premise Liability?

Identifying the victim and who they are to the company is vital as well. Victims who aren’t lawfully allowed on the property cannot seek damages if they are injured. By law, they are trespassing and responsible for their own injuries. Comparative fault rulings are used to show how much of the accident is the victim’s fault.

Did the Victim Violate the Law?

Slip and fall accidents occur most often due to spills in retail settings. If the customer opens a container and spills it, the company isn’t liable for their injuries. Any act that would constitute a violation of the law, such as opening and using products could prevent victims from seeking damages in a legal claim.

In Georgia, premises liabilities are the direct fault of the property owner. In a case, the victim must show the hazard and offer evidence of how it caused their fall. Medical records are required to substantiate injury claims. Victims who need information can contact slip and fall injury attorneys in Valdosta, GA or visit for more details now.

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