Should I Call for An Air Conditioner Repair?

Home cooling units are great when the weather gets warmer. While your system has worked fine in the past, something is not quite right. There’s a good chance that a simple air conditioner repair in Palatine will remedy the situation. If you are experiencing any of the following, calling a professional today is a smart move.

The Air Emerging From the Vents Isn’t Cool

The system runs fine, but the home is not cooling down. You soon find out what’s happening when you hold a hand in front of an air vent. The air is not cool at all. Fortunately, a repair professional will know exactly what to check and how to deal with whatever has gone wrong.

The System Runs Continually

Even during the middle of the summer, the system used to cycle down from time to time. Now it seems to run without stopping. Since nothing else has changed, it makes sense to assume the problem is with the unit. If so, an air conditioner repair in Palatine is definitely in order.

The Temperature Indoors is Always Higher than the Thermostat Setting

Have you noticed that the actual temperature indoors is usually two or three degrees higher than the thermostat setting? That never used to be the case. It makes you wonder if the unit is beginning to wear out. While that may be possible, it’s also likely that some air conditioner repair will restore the system’s old efficiency.

If you are having any issues with your residential cooling system, call the team at Five Star Heating & Air Inc. today. You can also visit website and schedule a service call. In many cases, the solution to the problem will be a simple one and we’ll have the unit working correctly in a few hours.

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