Signs Area Rug Cleaning in New York City is Needed

Area rugs are designed to withstand a lot of wear and use. While these rugs are designed to withstand all of these activities, activities such as a person walking on them or an animal crawling on them can cause dirt to accumulate on the rug, making the rug look dirty, or weighing the fibers down so the rug looks worn. Area rug cleaning in New York City by The Golden Horn can help remove all of this dirt. Here are some of the signs that area rug cleaning is needed.

You Can See Spots or Dirt Despite Just Vacuuming:

You can vacuum area rugs to remove the majority of dirt and dust that sits atop the rug. Unfortunately, vacuums simply can’t reach deep into the rug and pull out all of these elements. This is why deep cleaning is occasionally needed. You will know you need more cleaning than what your vacuum provides if you can still see spots or dirt, despite vacuuming.

Something Was Spilled on the Rug:

If food or drink is spilled on your area rug, you should remove as much of the item before the stain sets in. This involves blotting up as much liquid as possible and/or removing as much food as possible. Once you have done this, you should call for emergency rug cleaning. A cleaning company can give you advise on how to keep the stain from setting until they can get to you, or you can get the rug to them, to clean. If a stain sets, it could be permanent.

It Has Been Two Years Since the Rug Was Professionally Cleaned:

The last sign that you need your area rug professionally cleaned is that two or more years has passed since the rug’s last professional cleaning. Rugs should be cleaned at least once every two years to remove all of the deep down dirt that accumulates in the fibers and tufts of the rug. Over time, these items can wear down the fibers, which is why it is important to have cleaning done on a routine basis. If your rug is used often, you have small children, or you have pets, your rug may need to be cleaned more often.

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