Simple Reasons Why Cracked Teeth in Chicago Deserve Immediate Attention

Cracked teeth can occur for a number of reasons. Grinding the teeth is one of the more common. A fall involving a direct hit to the mouth is another. Chewing on ice or biting into a hard candy can also lead to this condition. Whatever the origin, it pays to have a cracked tooth in Chicago treated immediately. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t put off the visit to the dentist.

There Will Be Pain

Perhaps you don’t feel any discomfort right now. That will change soon enough. Without treatment, you’ll begin to notice that hot and iced beverages cause some pain. Chewing on that side of the mouth will lead to some soreness. There’s also the potential of chipping off a portion of that damaged tooth and experiencing more pain. Until the problem is resolved, the potential for pain is constant.

You’re In Danger Of Losing the Tooth

Cracked teeth are at a greater risk of decay. Over time, the decay may become so pronounced that there’s no option but to extract the tooth. At that juncture, you will need to consider costlier options like getting dental implants or investing in a dental bridge. By contrast, attention to your cracked tooth in Chicago could save it allow you to keep the tooth for many more years.

There’s An Increased Chance for Infection

It’s not just the cracked tooth in Chicago that you should worry about. Over time, the crack increases the potential for gum inflammation and infection. Given how the infection will also affect your other teeth, taking care of the problem now is in your best interests.

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