SIP Trunking In NJ Extends VoIP Capabilities

With advances in technology currently affecting every aspect of our lives, communication may be the area most widely influenced by such progression. Alexander Graham Bell would, no doubt, be astounded by the extensive abilities in exchanging information that have been developed since his first transmission from one room to the next during the 1870’s. Long distance calling was impressive in its own right at one point in time; however, even that technology has become old news in recent years.

Traditional, analog telephone lines are rapidly giving way to VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, for a number of reasons. This method of transforming traditional telephone communication into digital signals allows people to use their Internet to make phone calls from any location worldwide. The VoIP system provides a cost effective alternative to traditional telephone communication, requiring users to pay only their standard Internet bill as opposed to an additional telephone bill.

VoIP also introduced the ability to compress numerous sources of data, allowing several callers to communicate at one time. This is a helpful feature for conference calls and communications involving a number of friends or family members. This technology also offers the popular call forwarding, caller identification, call blocking, call waiting, voicemail and other necessities the world has come to rely on.

Despite the benefits associated with switching to VoIP, this service has, until now, fallen short in a few certain areas. With the onset of one of the most recent developments in the world of communication, known as SIP trunking, those gaps have now been filled. Session Initiation Protocol, or SIP trunking in NJ, is being used to further enhance VoIP capabilities. Like VoIP, SIP trunking replaces the traditional bundle of telephone lines, or trunk, with the Internet.

SIP trunking offers features not found with VoIP services. Subscribers are able to send voice, video and data through one line, providing multimedia communication sessions without the need for a separate device for each type of data. With SIP trunking, users can text, email, browse the web and make and receive calls from both fixed and mobile devices. This service also offers emergency calling and directory assistance, features not available through standard VoIP providers. By using SIP trunking, subscribers can save money while having access to considerably more features than other forms of communication provide.

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